You could spend a lifetime exploring Los Angeles and Orange County and still not experience all of the attractions, tours, shops, and recreational activities that Southern California has to offer. Take advantage of being in the Los Angeles and the OC area and experience all it has to offer! Southern California has many advantages such as its year-long gorgeous weather, historical attractions, world renowned restaurants and shopping; you will never want to leave!
Let Embrace Limo lead the way and take you on the trip of a lifetime. Embrace Limo provides Los Angeles tours and Orange County tours and limousine rentals for any size group. We offer a large fleet to choose from including the luxury sedan, SUV, stretch limo, minibus, motor coach and much more! You don’t need to worry about parking and directions, as Embrace Limo provides that best in Southern California limo tours. Our personal chauffer will guide you in luxury and comfort as you travel through Southern California. Embrace Limo can take you to Southern California locations such as Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Mid Wilshire, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and more. Choose from any one of these popular Southern California tourist attractions:

Los Angeles Tours and Hollywood Tours


  • Movie Stars’ Homes Tour
  • Grand City Tour of Los Angeles
  • Brisil/ Brazil Portuguese Language City Tour of Los Angeles City Tour & Movie Stars’
  • Spanish Language City Tour of Los Angeles
  • City Tour By Night
  • Universal Studios Tour
  • Disneyland or California Adventure
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • J. Paul Getty Museum & Movie Stars’ Homes
  • SeaWorld of California
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Legoland
  • Malibu Stars’ Homes
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Prepare Yourself for Work Travel

There are plenty of travel devices to choose from when your packing for a business trip. But for executive travelers who frequently stay in airports, hotels, and limos, here are some time-saving business tools:

  • Portable Wi-Fi Connectivity: There is nothing more annoying than connecting to Wi-Fi at airports, whether you have to pay for it, or the process of access the network takes up most of your time, usually WiFi at airports or hotels is slow and time consuming. For business travelers who frequent airports, hotels, or areas with no Wi-Fi, the “MiFi” is something to consider investing in. What is a MiFi you ask? This compact unit connects with your Smartphone, tablet, and laptop to easily connect to the internet. Forget having to pay for Wi-Fi or searching for the correct password in order to use the internet, MiFi allows for easy and fast connection. For those who travel on a regular basis or travel internationally, the MiFi allows for portable connectivity wherever you are in order to increase productivity.

  • Solar Laptop Battery: Take advantage of laptop, iPhone and tablet cases that allow for solar energy use and battery saving strategies. If you are constantly working from your hotel room, limo, or airport; then these laptop battery saving options are a necessity. Outlets at airports are far and few in between; so to make use of your time while not using all of your battery life, solar batteries for laptops provide the function and efficiency to help you get the job done without the risk of losing battery power for the rest of the day.

  • Best Productivity Apps: Take advantage of laptop, iPhone and tablet cases that allow for solar energy use and battery saving strategies. If you are constantly working from your hotel room, limo, or airport; then these laptop battery saving options are a necessity. Outlets at airports are far and few in between; so to make use of your time while not using all of your battery life, solar batteries for laptops provide the function and efficiency to help you get the job done without the risk of losing battery power for the rest of the day.

These, any many other efficient business travel tools, are essential for any savvy corporate traveler. From laptops to smartphones, travel preparation can be portable, and functional.

Limo App for iPhone

If you’re traveling to LAX Airport and get stuck in the Airport Shuttle line – you may find yourself with a minute to download a business productivity app that will save you time. Embrace Limo offers a FREE Mobile Travel App that allows business travelers to book a private car, Towncar, SUV, Luxury car, or Limo directly from your phone with a push of a button. Pay for your entire trip directly from you phone and even access a live customer service representative 24 hours a day! Download the FREE App for Apple and Android devices here.

LA Limo Service LAX

Embrace Limo services the Los Angeles and Orange County including: Culver City, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Downtown Los Angeles, Wilshire, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Irvine, Dana Point, and more. Embrace Limo provides private car drivers for business trips, company conventions, company meetings, company business travel to and from LAX Aiport, international car pick-up service, and chauffeured car driver services.

International Limo and LAX Shuttle Service

International car drivers are also availabe for international airport pick-up and drop-off to and from Los Angeles (LAX) International Airport for travelers in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada, Italy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Airport (GIG).

For booking and LA Limo reservation, visit our fast online form.
OR, call toll-free for a live customer representative 24 hours/ day: 1.866.693.6272

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New research by the marketing firm Pertino reveals that 64 percent of men and 57 percent of women work on vacation. As the Fourth of the July is upon us, Steve Allen, author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, shares how to do it right.

Prioritize beforehand

Create a temporary action list of things you absolutely need to do and be sure to put off the things that can wait until you get back. This is important: remember that as mosquitoes can ruin safaris, the dumb stuff can ruin your vacation. So don’t add any guilt.

Pack an 8-foot extension cord

You’ll need it to plug all your stuff in, and you don’t want to be crawling all over the floor looking for extra plugs that don’t exist. It needs to be long because the hotel room power outlet is usually on the other side of the room from the desk. Also, bring a UBS stick for printing anything important at the front desk.

For more productivity vacation tips from BusinessWeek, click here.

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“1. Drink less water — more often.
Your body is made up of more than 60 percent water. Because of the dry airplane cabin air, it’s easy to get dehydrated while flying across multiple time zones. To regulate itself appropriately, your body needs enough water throughout the day. For me, dehydration effects include headaches and disrupted sleeping patterns that can last through the next day.

When I say “less water,” I don’t mean in general, I mean all at once. Sip water along the way. I’ve seen too many of my cabin mates go on water binges. They don’t drink water (though they may have a couple of cocktails or glasses of wine), and then at the end of the flight, they chug a bottle of water, hoping it makes up for the hours in the air. But drinking a lot of water at once may make you feel bloated, even tricking your stomach into thinking you’re full, which could interfere with the nutrition you consume that first day of a trip.

I have a goal, no matter the length of the flight: four ounces of water an hour. The more regulated your body is, the easier it will be to handle jumping time zones and being productive while you’re abroad. The secondary benefit of this is that I have to get up to use the restroom during the flight — and stretching your legs is always good.”

For more tips on avoiding jet lag click here: Don’t Let Jet Lag Hurt Your Productivity | Entrepreneur.com.

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Are you trying to find the perfect place to watch Independence Day fireworks this year? Celebrate America’s favorite holiday by enjoying BBQ with the family, relaxing on the California shores, or shopping at the top LA boutiques and stores. Avoid the hassle of having to find parking and navigating through the hectic holiday traffic. Embrace Limo has a variety of luxury vehicles such as limousines, SUVs and sedans that can comfortably and conveniently take you to the destination of your choice.

Enjoy the celebrations with your family and friends at these top three Los Angeles Fourth of July hot spots:

  • Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA: the Queen Mary provides some of the best firework views on the coast. This historic ship has become an icon for elegance and tradition. Go back in time with the ship’s celebration of the centuries, by enjoying a decadent meal and live music.
  • Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach, CA: this seaside lagoon is a perfect place for the whole family with activities for the kids and live entertainment. Celebrate America’s birthday with some of the best fireworks in the Los Angeles area.
  • Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA: known for being the largest fireworks show in Southern California, the Rose Bowl also offers food, musical performances, and other thrilling demonstrations from some of LA’s top talent. This all-day-event is sure to be one of your family favorites.

Taking the whole family or have a large party you are traveling with? Let Embrace Limo take you to your Fourth of July celebration in one of our larger fleet vehicles. We offer large vans, SUVs, as well as mini buses for your convenience.


If you’re looking for reliable and luxurious transportation for your Independence Day trip, choose Embrace Limo for your ground transportation needs. With over 20 years of proficiency in the field, Embrace Limo has the unique ability to anticipate each client’s needs. Embrace provides limo transportation services for corporate travel, private aviation clients, hotels and restaurants, and personal events. Embrace is also available for transportation to and from the airport for clients from global cities such as London, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seoul, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and many more. For more information on our services or to make a reservation, please call us at 1-866-MYEMBRACE (1.866.693.6272).

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