Brazil is Among the Top 46 Places To Go in 2013

Brazil is Among the Top 46 Places To Go in 2013

From the hillside villas of Croatia to the white sandy beaches of the Philippines; we have compiled a list of the top 46 places to visit in 2013. Whether you are looking to travel to the top places to surf, eat, or shop; adventure is out there. This year is the year to travel, be inspired by the world’s best places to travel and go!

Best Places To Travel This Year

1. Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s up and coming city, Rio de Janeiro is not only the future home to the 2014 World Cup but also the 2016 Summer Olympics! This cultural hub is filled with sophistication, arts, and shopping. Home to the first Apple Store in South America, Rio de Janeiro is the center for the best shopping. From famous Book Fairs to huge rock concerts, this outstanding city is the place to travel this year. Whatever you may be looking to do on vacation, Rio de Janeiro provides entertainment, culture, and adventure for just about every type of person. Hands down, this flourishing city is the best city to travel this year.

2. Marseille
3. Nicaragua
4. Accra, Ghana
5. Bhutan
6. Amsterdam
7. Houston
8. Rossland, British Columbia
9. New Delhi
10. Istanbul
11. Singapore
12. Montenegro
13. White Salmon River, Washington
14. Hvar, Croatia
15. Mongolian
16. The Big Island, Hawaii
17. Philippines
18. Vernazza, Italy
19. The Kimberley, Australia
20. Ningxia, China
21. The Adirondacks, NY
22. Oslo, Norway
23. Constantia, South Africa
24. Lithuania
25. Burgos, Spain
26. Lens, France
27. Changbaishan, China
28. Porto, Portugal
29. Puerto Rico
30. Koh Phangan, Thailand
31. Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka
32. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
33. Bangkok
34. The Jeseniky, Czech Republic
35. Waiheke, New Zealand
36. Yucatán, Mexico
37. Charlevoix, Quebec
38. Pecs, Hungary
39. Republic of the Congo
40. Ireland
41. Getaria, Spain
42. Mergui Islands, Myanmar
43. The Falkland Islands
44. Washington, D.C.
45. Casablanca, Morocco
46. Paris

Top Vacation Spots For 2013

If you are looking for the best travel spots, we have got you covered. Whatever your hobbies or traveling preferences may be, our 46 best places to travel will give you motivation to travel this year. Life is too short not to travel and to see all that the world has to offer. Experience life, and travel today. Choose from one if these best traveling locations, pack your bags, and see the world!

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