Corporate Travel

Embrace is a one-stop shop for ground transportation services. Embrace arranges business travel plans that are detailed, meticulous, and completely customized to the corporate traveler.

Road Shows

Embrace assigns the finest and most well-versed chauffeurs to business road show events that require multiple stops and destinations. The business executive will enjoy exclusive Road Show services from Embrace, such as down-to-the-minute planning and flawless travel arrangements.

Hourly Directed Travel

Embrace offers hourly charters which are ideal for trips and stops created on the fly. This flexible and on-demand option allows the executive to dictate the travel plan to the chauffeur – who is at the traveler’s disposal for as long or as little as required. Embrace ensure the quality of the ride by providing live customer directly hourly support to assist in the traveler’s every need.

Dedicated Coordinator

Embrace assigns a dedicated administrator to every road show event to guarantee impeccable service throughout each stop on the traveler’s itinerary. Communication between the Coordinator and the company’s Arranger allows Embrace to monitor changes, update routes, and continually track the progress of the road show.

Meet & Greet Services

The assurance and confidence of having a personal greeter can be requested for any of Embrace’s travel services. The traveling executive will be provided with the greeter’s name and phone number in addition to having the Embrace support team ensuring a smooth, reliable, and comfortable trip.

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